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Meet Bro Vic!



Bro Vic is a Capuchin Friar who grew up in I.E. in Southern California. For many years before he became a friar, Bro Vic lived much of his life as a militant atheist, always ready to argue with believers to try to prove to them that God did not exist. While he was in college, he began to get into the rap game and went by the moniker "Young Vic." As Young Vic, he became consumed in the secular rap culture, revolving his music around the common rap themes of sex, drugs, money, and the self. These themes were not just a part of his music, but they became something that he tried to attain in his own life.


   After living many years unfulfilled, unhappy, and in a depressed state, Young Vic had a profound conversion in which he experienced the love, mercy, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Young Vic was transformed, and soon after, he felt God calling him from the depths of his heart to give his life back to him as a religious and as a priest. In 2012, he entered the Capuchin Franciscan Order and is in his 6th year as a friar. As a friar, he found out that he could continue to use the gift of rap music to spread a new message: the Gospel. For the last three years, he, now Bro Vic, has traveled around the west coast and has performed his music at various venues, youth conferences, and youth groups such as the Catholic Underground, On Fire @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Ignite Your Torch Northwest, the LA Religious Education Congress, and Youth on a Mission, just to name a few.


   Bro Vic prides his rap style on keeping up with what is current in the rap game. His first solo album entitle, “I Rep Christ,” is a blend of epic and trap style instrumental beats with powerful lyrical content that touches upon current issues, such as the modern-day martyrs of Syria and the middle east at the hands of ISIS, the disintegration of human dignity in its many forms, and gang violence in the inner cities of the U.S. In his own words, “If only one person benefits from any of this music and comes to know Christ better, then it is all worth it.”






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  In 2018 R2R will be working with Bro Vic and the Capuchin Friars in California to raise money for their Seminarians. By purchasing items and using the PROMO CODE: Donate5 (available Jan. 2018) $5 will automatically go to the Friar's Fund. We will also be featuring a link where you can donate any amount you would like to the Friars!


  Later in the year Rags2Riches and Bro Vic will be releasing other Catholic media... you can follow us all social-media platforms (just click any of the surrounding links) to stay up-to-date on all our latest releases. #StayBlessed

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